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The Solok Hunter

Book 1 of the Monsters Divine series

           Kai, a soldier in one of the last cities in the world, once tried to save his brother from a monster - at the cost of his sister's life. But it didn’t stop there.

          Uniquely immune to the monster’s blood - a substance so toxic a single drop kills - Kai craves it with sickening fervor. Jake, his brother and now superior officer, blames him, and the other soldiers fear him. Only Sari accepts him - a mischievous shapeshifter only he can see, who appeared on that fateful day and whose existence Kai hides with intense jealousy.
           Stronger than anyone he knows, Kai dwells on the fringes of society and the military hierarchy, content to hunt down and destroy the monsters that have caused it all, as long as he doesn’t have to kill humans.

           When a one-armed man obliterates Jake’s company, intrigued, Kai works in a team tasked to kill the man-slayer, but finds that he is not as monstrous as Kai imagined. The mission derails, Sari disappears and Kai is left helpless and alone.
            As he struggles to recover, fix the broken friendship with Jake and learn what happened to Sari and who the man-slayer is, secrets begin to unravel, and Kai must decide what truly makes a monster.

                                                 Participating in 2020 PitchWars

The Solok Hunter: Work
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