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Amateur digital artist (fear my dragon!)

Dog face -smusher

Writing has been my passion for many years, but only recently did my career as a doctor magnanimously allow me extra time to dedicate to writing.

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The Titan, the Sorceress, the Demon by John Varley

When I was in elementary school, this fantastic sci-fi masterpiece somehow ended up in the children's section of my local library (I guess they hadn't noticed the penis on the front cover....) This oversight had permanently shaped this young mind!
This book series has taught me so much about accepting others though they are different, that love comes in all shapes and forms, and it may be foreign to what we know. The masterful writing made me question why the real world even bothers arguing about gender, or sexuality or races instead of just accepting people.
This natural ease with which Varely deals with sexuality and love had driven the creation of Sari, a shapeshifting sprite in The Solok Hunter.

Mistborn, Stormlight Archive and others by Brandon Sanderson

Growing up I never really had role-models or celebrities I look up to,  until I read the Mistborn, in my 20's. Immediately I was blown away by the worldbuilding, but most of all, the cheeky and blatant display of secrets throughout the series that would later all come together.
This has served as inspiration for the multitude of secrets in plain sight that the reader of The Solok Hunter might notice if they pay close attention. If a reader reads the story for the second time and goes "Oh! This has been here all along!", I'll know I've done a good job.

Dark Souls, by FromSoftware

Hey, I said I was a gamer.

The souls games have a very special place in my heart. Dark Souls 1 was the very first game I played with a controller! Talk about a fiery christening!

More than just the nostalgia, the games have throughout the series continuously told an epic story... if you worked hard to piece it together. Instead of spoon-feeding you and holding your hand, the story unravels indirectly - through item descriptions, NPC conversations, or level design.

Much the same, The Solok Hunter does not hold your hand. If you want to know the story behind the story, look carefully.
I can only dream of one day watching YouTubers debate and lorecraft my story!

Annoyance with the unrealistic!

Yes! A huge influence on The Solok Hunter has been my annoyance with unrealistic characters, events and relationships I see everyday in media - books, TV, games.
I wanted to create a story where everything makes sense, and if you ask WHY, there is always a reason (though it might not be apparent yet), instead of "because we needed the plot to move forward" or "because it's expected".
My profession has played a role here as well - seeing characters get run over by a car then walk away with nothing but few bruises ( and don't even get me started on movie CPR) makes me cringe.

My goal for The Solok Hunter has been to portray characters and events in a natural, organic manner. If somebody gets hurt... they get hurt. 

This is another important aspect of The Solok Hunter, as will be throughout the  series. In real life, things do or don't happen unexpectedly and not every Chekhov's gun fires. Tendency to follow this rule has led to thousands of predictable plots. Just because a character coughed, doesn't mean they have to die of pneumonia two chapters later.
The Solok Hunter rejects this predictability and stagnation it causes. Almost every aspect of the story (characters, places and time) is dynamic and changing.

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